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"KC" ( Kennady Clarke) is an eclectic & exciting new 17 year old female singer / lyricist from Welland Ontario, Canada ....currently residing in The greater Toronto area. The newest signing for Radar Love Records in 2021, she is a hockey player at heart ( playing at a high level since age 9 ) and has an exceptional gift as a singer with a voice tone carrying unique inflections that shimmer with sincerity and emotion. From a musical family who played at Jamborees from Tonawanda N.Y. to Niagara over generations.

COMING SOON "Fallin' In"

Canadian singer-songwriter KC's second single "FALLIN' IN" is a raucous, ethereal dance-pop track written with her music partner 5-Time Juno Award winner / producer Michael Hanson. The song is laden with hooks and unusual musical high points that hit you when you least expect it. Hanson says "KC's voice is often very indie, unusual at times and airy - such as in Pillow Of Tears - but then in this newest track, she suddenly becomes a booming powerhouse in the same wheelhouse as an Adele".

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Available Now "Hometown Christmas"

The beauty of a simple old time Christmas ...captured in a glorious new upbeat track produced by 5 time juno award winner Michael Hanson! A beautiful, original instant Christmas classic by young up n coming superstar to be RLR Records' KC, accompanied by Chad Charles Campbell. Unforgettable.

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Available Now "Pillow Of Tears"

"A Pillow Of Tears" is a stunning, eclectic indie DEBUT SINGLE co-written by newly-signed 17 year old female artist 'KC' and produced by Michael Hanson (Glass Tiger founder, 5 Juno Awards, Grammy Nominated) for Radar Love Records. The instruments in the song were composed and carefully forged by Hanson. They create a hauntingly modern sound that weaves around a "staggeringly personal" vocal by this new young artist. Hanson states "there is a hidden quality in KC's voice that draws the listener in. Its tremendous, very rare."

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C: 1-416-949-3319

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