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Aimee Simmons is an exciting new 15 year old singer/songwriter from Ontario, Canada.

In 2020, through a chance meeting, the indie artist partnered with Glass Tiger’s original founding member, five time Juno Award winning Producer Michael Hanson. The two have embarked on a five song EP through Indie Label Radar Love Records, located in Mississauga, Ontario.


An eclectic young artist with a jazzy, sincere, and “strikingly pure” voice, Aimee’s songwriting skills clearly reflect aspects of her original musical inspirations, such as The Beatles and Queen - fearlessly crossing over a number of genres. Hanson describes her as, “The best young lyricist to come in his studio doors”.


Aimee started out writing poetry and music in the fourth grade, and began singing lessons in sixth grade, exploring jazz, classical, and opera, later adding contemporary and musical theatre to her repertoire. Her love for both music and poetry blossomed into a passion for songwriting. When describing her own music Aimee says,”I tend to write about my own life experiences with subjects like bullying, anxiety, and self-love.” 

Available Now "MONSTER"


It's "jerk pay-back time!" for Radar Love Records new signing AIMEE SIMMONS, who now has her high energy debut single entitled  "MONSTER" dropping globally. It was written & performed by Aimee, produced by 5 time Juno Award winner & original Glass Tiger band member Michael Hanson. Hanson is thrilled with the artistic, beat-driving track and describes Aimee as "at 15 years old, the best lyricist who has ever walked into my studio".

Aimee explains: "The song is about the people who I used to know who were incessantly jerks. This to me is almost my villain song. It’s sort of me describing how awful these people were and then how I built that wall and can defend myself now. There’s a lot of underlying anger in it. 

When I picture a visual it’s almost like a villain having someone who wronged them in front of them and lowering something they love into a pit of fire and just making them watch. Very dark I know. I swear I’m not weird".

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